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Med: Ceneric Cytotec/Generic Viagra/Erectile Dysfunction etc.

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Generic Flagyl

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Med: Generic Cialis/Cialis Super Active/Erectile Dysfunction etc.

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What would you like to do with me?

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Gsm Phone Service

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Gsm Phone Service

Firmware Samsung Lengkap Repair Firmware 4 Files

Posted: 22 Jul 2018 12:56 AM PDT

Download Stock Rom Samsung Gratis Firmware Samsung Lengkap Repair Firmware 4 Files Mudah-mudahan dengan file ini bisa membantu, teman-teman untuk menyelesaikan masalah seputar software silahkan didownload firmware dibawah ini sesuai tipe hp nya
Samsung A300F Galaxy A3 LTE
A300FXXU1AOB8 / OXY1AOB8 v4.4.4: Download
A300FXXU1AOC1 / OLB1AOC1 v4.4.4: Download
A300FXXU1BOK4 / OXY1BOK4 v5.0.2: Download
Samsung A300FU Galaxy A3 LTE
A300FUXXU1ANL5 / DDX1ANL9 v4.4.4: Download
A300FUXXU1AOB3 / DBT1AOB1 v4.4.4: Download
 A300FUXXU1BOF7 / VFR1BOF7 v5.0.2: Download
Samsung A300G Galaxy A3 Duos LTE
A300GDXU1AOA4 / OLC1AOA1: Download
Samsung A300H Galaxy A3 HSPA 
A300HXXU1AOB8 / OXY1AOB8 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung A300HQ Galaxy A3
A300HQXXU1AOD3 / QTUR1AOD3 Turkey v4.4.4: Download
Samsung A300M Galaxy A3
A300MUBU1AOC1 / ZTO1AOC1 v4.4.4 Brazil: Download
Samsung A300XU Galaxy A3 LTE
A300XUXXU1ANL2 / PAP1ANL2 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung A300XZ Galaxy A3 LTE
A300XZXXU1ANL2 / PAP1ANL2 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung A310F Galaxy A3 2016 LTE
A310FXXU1AOLE / VFG1AOL2 v5.1.1: Download
A310FXXU1APB7 / OXY1APB7 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung A500F Galaxy A5 LTE
A500FXXU1AOB2 / SER1AOB1 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung A500FU Galaxy A5 LTE
A500FUXXU1AOB4 / OXA1AOB1 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung A500G Galaxy A5 LTE
A500GXAU1ANK2 / ODD1ANK3 India v4.4.4: Download
A500GXXU1ANK1 / OLC1ANK1 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung A500H Galaxy A5 HSPA
A500HXXU1AOC1 / OXY1AOB1 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung A500XZ Galaxy A5 LTE
A500XZXXU1ANL1 / PAP1ANL1 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung A510F Galaxy A5 2016
A510FXXU1APA3 / OXE1AOL3 Russia v5.1.1: Download

Samsung A700F Galaxy A7 LTE-A
A700FXXU2AOB2 / DBT2AOA2 v4.4.4: Download
Samsung A700FD Galaxy A7 DUOS LTE
A700FDXXU1AOAA / ODD1AOA4 India v4.4.4: Download
A700FDXXU1AOAB / OLB1AOA4 v4.4.4: Download
A700FDXXU1AOD4 / OJV1AOD3 Arabic v4.4.4: Download
A700FDXXU1BOJD / OLB1BOJ1 v5.0.2: Download
Samsung A700H Galaxy A7 HSPA
A700HXXU1AOA6 / OXE1AOA1 v4.4.4: Download
A700HXXU1AOA7 / OJV1AOA3 Arabic v4.4.4: Download
A700HXXU1BOI4 / OLBU1BOI4 v5.0.2: Download
Samsung A700YD Galaxy A7 Duos
A700YDZSU1BOL4 / ZZH1BOL4 v5.0.2: Download
Samsung A710F Galaxy A7 2016
A710FXXU1APB2 / OXY1APB1 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung A800F Galaxy A8 LTE
A800FXXU1AOG7 / ODD1AOG5 India v5.1.1: Download
A800FXXU1AOG9 / ODD1AOG6 India v5.1.1: Download
A800FXXU1AOH4 / OJV1AOH4 Arabic v5.1.1: Download
Samsung A800I Galaxy A8
A800IXXU1AOJ1 / OJV1AOJ1 Arabic v5.1.1: Download
A800IXXU2AOJ6 / OLB2AOJ6 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung B5510 Galaxy Y Pro Repair Firmwares:
B5510DXKK1 / OLBKK1 2.3.6: Download

Samsung B5512 Galaxy Y Pro Duos Repair Firmwares:
B5512JPLA3 / OJPLA3 Arabic v2.3.6: Download

Samsung C101 Galaxy S4 Zoom Repair Firmwares:
C101XXUAMFB / SERAMFB v4.2.2: Download
C101XXUBNH1 / OXXBNI1 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung C105 Galaxy S4 Zoom LTE Repair Firmwares:
C105XXUAMK6 / OXXAMK1 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung C115 Galaxy K Zoom LTE Repair Firmwares:
C115XXU1BNH1 / OLB1BNH1 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung E500F Galaxy E5 Repair Firmwares:
E500FXXU1ANLB / OJV1ANL4 Arabic v4.4.4: Download
E500FXXU1ANLD / OXY1ANLD v4.4.4 : Download
E500FXXU1BOH7 / ODD1BOH2 India v5.1.1: Download

Samsung E500H Galaxy E5 Duos Repair Firmwares:
E500HXXU1ANLB / OJV1ANL7 Arabic v4.4.4: Download
E500HXXU1AOB3 / OLB1AOB3 v4.4.4 : Download
E500HXXU1BOG6 / OXY1BOG6 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung E500M Galaxy E5 Repair Firmwares:
E500MUBU1AOD1 / UUB1AOD1 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung E700F Galaxy E7 Repair Firmwares:
E700FXXU1ANLB / OJV1ANLB Arabic v4.4.4: Download

Samsung E700H Galaxy E7 Duos Repair Firmwares:
E700HXXU1AOAA / OJV1AOAA Arabic v4.4.4: Download
E700HXXU1AOAB / OLB1AOA4 v4.4.4 : Download

Samsung E700M Galaxy E7 Repair Firmware:
E700MUBU1AOE1 / UUB1AOE1 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung E7000 Galaxy E7 Duos Repair Firmwares:
E7000ZCU1AOA4 / CHC1AOA4 China v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G110B Galaxy Pocket 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G110BXXU0ANF5 / ZTR0ANG2 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung G110H Galaxy Pocket 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G110HXXU0ANI6 / OXA0ANI6 v4.4.2 : Download

Samsung G130E Galaxy Star 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G130EXXU0AOC1 / OXE0AOB1 v4.4.2 : Download

Samsung G130H Galaxy Young 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G130HXXU0ANL1 / OXE0ANI1 v4.4.2 : Download

Samsung G130HN Galaxy Young 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G130HNXXU0ANL1 / DBT0ANK1 v4.4.2 : Download

Samsung G130M Galaxy Young 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G130MUBU0ANG9 / THW0ANG4 v4.4.2 : Download

Samsung G310HN Galaxy Ace Style Repair Firmwares:
G310HNXXU0AND3 / OXX0AND3 v4.4.2 : Download

Samsung G313F Galaxy Ace NXT Repair Firmwares:
G313FXXU0ANI1 / OJV0ANI1 Arabic v4.4.2: Download

Samsung G313H Galaxy Ace NXT Repair Firmwares:
G313HXXU0ANH1 / OJV0ANH1 Arabic v4.4.2: Download
G313HXXU0ANL5 / OXE0ANL5 v4.4.2 : Download

Samsung G313HN Galaxy Trend 2 Repair Firmwares:
G313HNXXU0ANG2 / DBT0ANG1 v4.4.2 : Download

Samsung G313HU Galaxy S Duos 3 Repair Firmwares:
G313HUXXU0ANH1 / OJV0ANG6 Arabic v4.4.2: Download
G313HUXXU0ANK1 / OXE0ANK1 v4.4.2 : Download

Samsung G313HZ Galaxy Ace NXT / Galaxy V Repair Firmwares:
G313HZDBU0ANL1 / OLB0ANL1 v4.4.2 : Download

Samsung G316HU Galaxy S Duos 3 VE Repair Firmwares:
G316HUDDU0AOE2 / ODD0AOE2 India v4.4.4: Download
G316HUJVU0ANL3 / OJV0ANL2 Arabic v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G316M Galaxy Ace 4 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G316MUBU0AOB3 / UUB0AOB1 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G316ML Galaxy Ace 4 Neo Duos Repair Firmwares:
G316MLUBU0AOA3 / UUB0AOA3 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G318HZ Galaxy V Plus Repair Firmwares:
G318HZDDU0AOG2 / ODD0AOG2 India v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G318ML Galaxy Ace 4 Lite Repair Firmwares:
G318MLUBU0AOE3 / UUB0AOE3 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G350 Galaxy Core Plus Repair Firmwares:
G350XXUANB1 / OXXANB2 v4.2.2 : Download

Samsung G350E Galaxy Star Advance Repair Firmwares:
G350EXWU0ANF2 / OJV0ANF7 Arabic v4.4.2: Download
G350EXXU0ANK3 / OXE0ANK4 v4.4.2 : Download

Samsung G3502 Galaxy Trend 3 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G3502ZNUAMI6 / CHUAMI6 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung G3502C Galaxy Trend 3 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G3502CZCUANA1 / CHNANA1 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung G3508i Galaxy Trend 3 Repair Firmwares:
G3508iZMUANB1 / CHMANB1 v4.1.2: Download

Samsung G3509i Galaxy Trend 3 CDMA Repair Firmwares:
G3509iKEUAMLC / CTCAMLC v4.4.2: Download

Samsung G355H Galaxy Core 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G355HXXU0ANG1 | XXU0ANG1 v4.4.2: Download
G355HXXU0ANH9 | OJV0ANH9 REV04 Arabic v4.4.2: Download
G355HXXU0ANL4 | OXE0ANL4 Russia v4.4.2: Download
G355HXXU0AOA4 | ODD0AOA1 India v4.4.2: Download
G355HXXU0AOB3 | OXE0AOB3 Russia v4.4.2: Download

Samsung G357FZ Galaxy Ace 4 LTE Repair Firmwares:
G357FZXXU1ANL1 / DBT1AOA1 v4.4.4 : Download

Samsung G360F Galaxy Core Prime Repair Firmwares:
G360FXXU1AOA1 / OXA1AOA1 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G360G Galaxy Core Prime Repair Firmwares:
G360GDVU1ANJ4 / OLB1ANJ2 v4.4.4 : Download

Samsung G360H Galaxy Core Prime Duos Repair Firmwares:
G360HXXU0ANK6 / OXE0ANK7 Russia v4.4.4: Download
G360HXXU0ANL2 / OXE0ANL2 Russia v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G360HU Galaxy Core Prime Duos Repair Firmwares:
G360HUXXU0AOB1 / OLB0AOB1 v4.4.4 : Download

Samsung G360M Galaxy Core Prime Duos Repair Firmwares:
G360MUBU1AOA1 / UUB1AOB1 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G360P Galaxy Prevail LTE / Galaxy Core Prime Repair Firmwares:
G360PVPU0ANL8 / SPT0ANL8 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G360T1 Galaxy Core Prime MetroPCS USA Repair Firmwares:
G360T1UVU1AOFA / TMB1AOFA MetroPCS USA v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G361F Galaxy Core Prime LTE Repair Firmwares:
G361FXXU1AOH3 / OXX1AOH2 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G361H Galaxy Core Prime VE Repair Firmwares:
G361HXXU0AOFF / OXE0AOFF Russia v5.1.1: Download
G361HXXU0AOG9 / ODD0AOG9 India v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G3608 Galaxy Core Prime Duos Repair Firmwares:
G3608ZMU1ANJ5 / CHM1ANJ5 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G3609 Galaxy Core Prime Duos CDMA Repair Firmwares:
G3609KEU1AOA1 / CTC1AOA1 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G386F Galaxy Core LTE Repair Firmwares:
G386FXXUANG1 / OXXANG1 v4.2.2 : Download

Samsung G386T Galaxy Avant Repair Firmwares:
G386TUVU1ANG6 / TMB1ANG6 v4.4.2 : Download

Samsung G386U Galaxy Core LTE Repair Firmwares:
G386UXXUANE6 / OLBANE6 v4.2.2 : Download

Samsung G388F Galaxy Xcover 3 Repair Firmwares:
G388FXXU1AOD4 / BTU1AOC1 UK v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G3812 Galaxy Win Pro Duos Repair Firmwares:
G3812ZNUAML1 / CHUAML1 v4.2.2: Download
Samsung G3815 Galaxy Express 2 Repair Firmwares:
G3815XXUAMJ1 / VFGAMJ1 v4.2.2: Download
G3815XXUBMK5 / OXXBMK2 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung G3818 Galaxy Win Pro Repair Firmwares:
G3818ZMUAML7 / CHMAML7 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung G3819 Galaxy Win Pro Repair Firmwares:
G3819DKEUAMK6 / CTCAMK6 v4.1.2: Download

Samsung G530F Galaxy Grand Prime Repair Firmwares:
G530FXXU1ANI7 / OJV1ANI1 Arabic v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G530FQ Galaxy Grand Prime Repair Firmwares:
G530FQXXU1AOE2 / QOJT1AOF1 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G530FZ Galaxy Grand Prime DUOS Repair Firmwares:
G530FZXXU1ANL7 / OXX1ANL4 v4.4.4: Download
G530FZXXU1AOB5 / OXE1AOB1 v4.4.4 : Download

Samsung G530H Galaxy Grand Prime Duos Repair Firmwares:
G530HDCU1AOA2 / OLB1AOA2 v4.4.4 : Download
G530HDXU1ANK2 / OLB1ANL1 v4.4.4 : Download
G530HXCU1AOA3 / OXE1AOA1 v4.4.4 : Download
G530HXXU1ANI8 / SER1ANI8 Russia v4.4.4: Download
G530HXXU1ANJ3 / OXE1ANJ1 v4.4.4 : Download

Samsung G530M Galaxy Grand Prime Repair Firmwares:
G530MUUHU1AOC3 / UUB1AOE1 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G530T1 Galaxy Grand Prime Repair Firmwares:
G530T1UVU1AOH9 / TMB1AOH9 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G531F Galaxy Grand Prime Duos VE Repair Firmwares:
G531FDDU1AOH2 / ODD1AOH2 India v5.1.1: Download
G531FXXU1AOGB / OXX1AOG1 v5.1.1: Download
G531FXXU1AOH5 / OJV1AOH5 Arabic v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G531H Galaxy Grand Prime Duos VE Repair Firmwares:
G531HDDU0AOH2 / ODD0AOH2 India v5.1.1: Download
G531HXXU0AOG7 / OXE0AOG7 v5.1.1 Russia: Download
G531HXXU0AOH8 / OJV0AOH2 Arabic v5.1.1: Download
G531HDXU0AOK2 / OLB0AOK2 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G531M Galaxy Grand Prime VE Repair Firmwares:
G531MUBU1AOFB / UUB1AOFB v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G5108 / G5108Q Galaxy Core Max Duos Repair Firmwares:
G5108ZMU1ANJ1 / CHM1ANJ1 v4.4.4: Download
G5108QZCU1ANI5 / CHC1ANI5 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G5306W / G5308W / G5309W Galaxy Grand Prime Repair Firmwares:
G5306WZNU1ANK1 / CHU1ANK1 v4.4.4: Download
G5308WZMU1ANK2 / CHM1ANK2 v4.4.4: Download
G5309WKEU1ANK1 / CTC1ANK1 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G550FY Galaxy On5 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G550FYDDU1AOIB / ODD1AOIB India v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G710 Galaxy Grand 2 Repair Firmwares:
G710XXUANB3 / OJVANB3 Arabic v4.3: Download
G710XXUANB4 / UWAAND1 v4.3 : Download

Samsung G730A Galaxy S3 Mini AT&T Repair Firmwares:
G730AUCUAMH4 / ATTAMH4 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung G750A Galaxy Mega 2 AT&T Repair Firmwares:
G750AUCU1ANI1 / ATT1ANI1 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G7102 Galaxy Grand 2 DUOS Repair Firmwares:
G7102XWUBNK1 / OLBBNJ1 v4.4.2 : Download
G7102XXUAML7 / OJVAML3 Arabic v4.3: Download
G7102XXUANG2 / OLBANG1 v4.3 : Download
G7102XXUBNG8 / OLBBNG3 v4.4.2 : Download
G7102XXUBNJ2 / OXEBNJ2 v4.4.2 : Download

Samsung G7102T Galaxy Grand 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G7102TVJUANI1 / ZTOANI1 Brazil v4.3: Download

Samsung G7105 Galaxy Grand 2 LTE Repair Firmwares:
G7105XXUANAA / OXXANA2 v4.3: Download

Samsung G7106 Galaxy Grand 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G7106ZNUANA1 / CHUANA1 v4.3: Download

Samsung G7108 Galaxy Grand 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G7108ZMUANA5 / CHMANA5 v4.3: Download

Samsung G7200 Galaxy Grand 3 Duos Repair Firmwares:
G7200ZCU1ANL4 / CHC1ANL4 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G800F Galaxy S5 Mini Repair Firmwares:
G800FXXU1ANL2 / DTM1ANL1 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung G800H Galaxy S5 Mini Repair Firmwares:
G800HXXU1ANH2 / OXE1ANG2 v4.4.2: Download
G800HXXU1BOI2 / OXY1BOI2 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G850A Galaxy Alpha LTE-A AT&T Repair Firmwares:
G850AUCU1ANH8 / ATT1ANH8 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung G850F Galaxy Alpha LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
G850FXXU2ANI3 / OLB2ANI1 v4.4.4: Download
G850FXXU2BOA2 / DBT2BOB1 v4.4.4: Download
G850FXXU2COI3 / OXE2COI1 Russia v5.0.2: Download

Samsung G900A Galaxy S5 LTE-A AT&T Repair Firmwares:
G900AUCU2AND3 / ATT2AND3 v4.4.2: Download
G900AUCU4COI5 / ATT4COI5 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G900AZ Galaxy S5 Cricket USA Repair Firmwares:
G900AZTUU3BOG3 / AIO3BOG3 Cricket USA v5.0: Download

Samsung G900F Galaxy S5 LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
G900FDXU1BOH4 / OLB1BOH4 v5.0: Download
G900FXXU1ANG2 / OXE1ANG2 v4.4.2: Download
G900FXXU1BOC7 / OXE1BOC2 v5.0: Download
G900FXXU1POCH / VIA1POCH v5.0: Download
G900FXXS1CPC8 / SLK1CPB2 Sri Lanka v6.0.1: Download

Samsung G900FD Galaxy S5 Duos LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
G900FDXXU1BNL9 / OXE1BNL9 v5.0 Russia: Download

Samsung G900FQ Galaxy S5 LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
G900FQJVU1BOF1 / QTUR1BOF1 Turkey v5.0: Download

Samsung G900H Galaxy S5 HSPA Repair Firmwares:
G900HXXU1ANK1 / OXE1ANK3 v4.4.2: Download
G900HXXU1BOAD / OXY1BOAD v5.0: Download
G900HXXU1BOG5 / ODD1BOG1 India v5.0: Download

Samsung G900I Galaxy S5 Repair Firmwares:
G900IDDU1BOD3 / ODD1BOD2 India v5.0: Download
G900IDVU1BOE1 / XSA1BOD2 Australia v5.0: Download

Samsung G900M Galaxy S5 Repair Firmwares:
G900MUBU1BOE1 / IUS1BOE1 v5.0: Download

Samsung G900P Galaxy S5 Sprint USA Repair Firmwares:
G900PVPU1ANE5 / SPT1ANE5 SPR Sprint USA v4.4.2: Download
G900PVPU3BOG1 / SPT3BOG1 SPR Sprint USA v5.0: Download

Samsung G900T Galaxy S5 LTE-A T-Mobile Repair Firmwares:
G900TUVU1ANE6 / TMB1ANE6 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung G900T1 Galaxy S5 MetroPCS USA Repair Firmwares:
G900T1UVU1BOH1 / TMB1BOH1 MetroPCS USA v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G900V Galaxy S5 Verizon USA Repair Firmwares:
G900VVRU2BOG5 / VZW2BOG5 VZW Verizon USA v5.0: Download

Samsung G900W8 Galaxy S5 Canada Repair Firmwares:
G900W8VLU1BOC2 / OYA1BOC2 BMC Bell Canada v5.0: Download

Samsung G901F Galaxy S5 Plus LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
G901FXXU1ANH6 / VFG1ANI1 v4.4.4: Download
G901FXXU1BOC4 / PHN1BOC1 v5.0.2: Download

Samsung G903F Galaxy S5 Neo LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
G903FXXU1AOI2 / OXA1AOI2 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G920A Galaxy S6 AT&T USA Repair Firmwares:
G920AUCU3BOJ7 / ATT3BOJ7 AT&T USA v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G920F Galaxy S6 Repair Firmwares:
G920FXXU1AOBN / OXE1AOC6 Russia v5.0.2: Download
G920FXXU1AODE / OXE1AODE Russia v5.0.2: Download
G920FXXU2COH2 / OXE2COH2 Russia v5.1.1: Download
G920FXXU3COI9 / BTU3COJ1 UK 5.1.1: Download
G920FXXU3DPAD / OXA3DPAE v6.0.1: Download
G920FXXU3DPBG / BTU3DPB1 UK v6.0.1: Download

Samsung G920I Galaxy S6 Repair Firmwares:
G920IDVU1AOD1 / ODD1AOD1 India v5.0.2: Download
G920IDVU1BOF6 / OLC1BOG1 v5.0.2: Download
G920IDVU2COGA / ODD2COGA India v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G920P Galaxy S6 USA Sprint Repair Firmwares:
G920PVPU1AOCF / SPT1AOCF Sprint USA v5.0.2: Download

Samsung G920T Galaxy S6 T-Mobile USA Repair Firmwares:
G920TUVU3DOI1 / TMB3DOI1 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G920V Galaxy S6 Verizon USA Repair Firmwares:
G920VVRU1AOC3 / VZW1AOC3 Verizon USA v5.0.2: Download

Samsung G925A Galaxy S6 Edge Repair Firmwares:
G925AUCU3BOJ7 / ATT3BOJ7 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G925F Galaxy S6 Edge LTE Repair Firmwares:
G925FXXU1AOCV / OXE1AOD1 v5.0.2: Download
G925FXXU3COI9 / BTU3COJ1 UK v5.1.1: Download
G925FXXU3DPAD / OXA3DPAD XEU UK / Ireland v6.0.1: Download
G925FXXU3DPB1 / BTU3DPB1 UK v6.0.1: Download

Samsung G925I Galaxy S6 Edge LTE Repair Firmwares:
G925IDVU1AOD1 / ODD1AOD1 India v5.0.2: Download
G925IDVU2COGA / ODD2COGA India v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G925T Galaxy S6 Edge T-Mobile USA Repair Firmwares:
G925TUVU1AOCG / TMB1AOCG T-Mobile USA v5.0.2: Download
G925TUVU2COF6 / TMB2COF6 T-Mobile USA V5.1.1: Download

Samsung G928A Galaxy S6 Edge Plus AT&T USA Repair Firmwares:
G928AUCU1AOGG / ATT1AOGG AT&T USA v5.1.1: Download
G928AUCU2AOJ1 / ATT2AOJ1 AT&T USA v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G928C Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Repair Firmwares:
G928CXXU1AOGJ / OJV1AOGF Arabic v5.1.1: Download
G928CXXU1AOH3 / OJP1AOH3 Arabic v5.1.1: Download
G928CXXU2AOJ5 / OJV2AOJ3 TUR Turkey v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G928F Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Repair Firmwares:
G928FXXU1AOGJ / OXX1AOGG v5.1.1: Download
G928FXXU2AOJ5 / OXA2AOJ3 BTU UK v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G928G Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Repair Firmwares:
G928GDDU1AOH3 / ODD1AOH3 India v5.1.1: Download
G928GUBU1AOGJ / TCE1AOGL v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G928I Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Repair Firmwares:
G928IDVU1AOGK / OLC1AOGF v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G928T Galaxy S6 Edge Plus T-Mobile USA Repair Firmwares:
G928TUVU2COI5 / TMB2COI5 TMB USA T-Mobile v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G928V Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Repair Firmwares:
G928VVRU2AOJ2 Verizon USA v5.1.1: Download

Samsung G930A Galaxy S7 AT&T USA Repair Firmwares:
G930AATT1APB5 / ATT1APB5 AT&T USA v6.0.1: Download

Samsung G930F Galaxy S7 Repair Firmwares:
G930FXXU1APAW / OXA1APBA BTU UK v6.0.1: Download
G930FXXU1APB6 / OLB1APB6 v6.0.1: Download
G930FXXU1APD1 / ODD1APBA India v6.0.1: Download
G930FXXU1APD8 / OJV1APD8 Arabic v6.0.1: Download

Samsung G930P Galaxy S7 LTE Sprint USA Repair Firmwares:
G930PVPU2APD3 / SPT2APD3 SPR Sprint USA v6.0.1: Download

Samsung G930R4 Galaxy S7 LTE-A U.S Cellular Repair Firmwares:
G930R4TYU2APD2 / USC2APD2 USC U.S Cellular v6.0.1: Download

Samsung G930W8 Galaxy S7 LTE Canada Repair Firmwares:
G930W8VLU1APD3 / OYA1APD3 XAC Canada v6.0.1: Download

Samsung G930V Galaxy S7 Verizon USA Repair Firmwares:
G930VVRU1APB1 / VZW1APB1 Verizon USA v6.0.1: Download

Samsung G935A Galaxy S7 Edge AT&T USA Repair Firmwares:
G935AUCU1APB5 / ATT1APB5 AT&T USA v6.0.1: Download

Samsung G935F Galaxy S7 Edge Repair Firmwares:
G935FXXU1APAW / BTU1APB2 UK v6.0.1: Download
G935FXXU1APB6 / OLB1APB6 v6.0.1: Download
G935FXXU1APD1 / ODD1APBA India v6.0.1: Download
G935FXXU1APD8 / OJV1APD8 Arabic v6.0.1: Download

Samsung G935FD Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Duos Repair Firmwares:
G935FDXXU1APDQ / OLB1APD1 v6.0.1: Download

Samsung G935T Galaxy S7 Edge T-Mobile USA Repair Firmwares:
G935TUVU1APB6 / TMB1APB6 T-Mobile USA v6.0.1: Downoad

Samsung G935V Galaxy S7 Edge Verizon USA Repair Firmwares:
G935VVRU1APB1 / VZW1APB1 Verizon USA v6.0.1: Download

Samsung GC100 Galaxy Camera Repair Firmwares:
GC100XXALJF / OLBALJB v4.1.1: Download

Samsung I317 Galaxy Note II AT&T Repair Firmwares:
I317UCUBMK6 / ATTBMK6 v4.3: Download

Samsung I5500 Galaxy 550 Repair Firmwares:
I5500XWJJ6 / SERJJ2 Russia v2.1: Download

Samsung I5500B Galaxy 550 Repair Firmwares:
I5500BVJJK1 / ANCJK1 v2.1: Download

Samsung I5503 Galaxy 550 Repair Firmwares:
I5503DDJG4 / ODDJG4 India v2.1: Download
I5503DXJG5 / OLBJG4 v2.1: Download
I5503JPJPA Arabic v2.2: Download

Samsung I5503T Galaxy 550 Repair Firmwares:
I5503TDOJJ3 / TNZJJ3 v2.1: Download

Samsung I5510 Galaxy 551 Repair Firmwares:
I5510BOKP6 / DTMKP2 v2.3.6: Downlolad
I5510XWJL1 / SEBJL1 v2.2: Download

Samsung I5800 Galaxy 3 Repair Firmwares:
I5800XXJG3 / SERJG2 Russia v2.1: Download

Samsung I5800L Galaxy 3 Repair Firmwares:
I5800LUTJH1 / ZTAJH1 v2.1: Download

Samsung I5801 Galaxy 3 Repair Firmwares:
I5801DXJPC / OLBJP6 v2.2: Download

Samsung I727 GS II Skyrocket Repair Firmwares:
I727UCKJ2 / ATTKJ2 A&T USA v2.3.5: Download

Samsung I777 Galaxy S2 AT&T USA Repair Firmwares:
I777UCKH7 / ATTKH7 AT&T USA v2.3.5: Download

Samsung I8150 Galaxy W Repair Firmwares:
I8150XXLMI / DBTLL1 v2.3.6: Download

Samsung I8160L Galaxy Ace 2 Repair Firmwares:
I8160LDCME1 / THLME1 Thailand v4.1.2: Download
I8160LUBMC2 / UUBMC2 v4.1.2: Download

Samsung I8160 Galaxy Ace 2 Repair Firmwares:
I8160XXMF1 / OXXMF1 v4.1.2: Download

Samsung I8160P Galaxy Ace Repair Firmwares:
I8160PXXLK2 / DBTLK2 v2.3.6: Download

Samsung I8190 Galaxy S3 Mini Repair Firmwares:
I8190XXALK6 / OXAALK6 v4.1.1: Download
I8190XXAMA2 / OJVAMC3 Arabic v4.1.2: Download

Samsung I8190L Galaxy S3 Mini Repair Firmwares:
I8190LUBAMC1 / CHEAMC1 4.1.2: Download

Samsung I8190N Galaxy S3 Mini Repair Firmwares:
I8190NDXAMB1 / QLBAMB1 v4.1.2: Download
I8190NXXAMG1 / OXAAMG1 4.1.2: Download

Samsung I8200 Galaxy S3 Mini VE Repair Firmwares:
I8200XXUANG1 / OXEANG1 v4.2.2: Download
I8200XXUAOB2 / QXEAOB2 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung I8200N Galaxy S3 Mini VE Repair Firmwares:
I8200NXXUAOC1 / OXAAOC1 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung I8262 Galaxy Core Duos Repair Firmwares:
I8262XXAME8 / OXEAME4 v4.1.2: Download
I8262XXANB4 / OLBBNB2 v4.1.2: Download

Samsung I8262B Galaxy Core Duos Repair Firmwares:
I8262BDCAMH1 / THWAMF2 v4.1.2: Download

Samsung I8530 Galaxy Beam Repair Firmwares:
I8530XXLEA / DBTLE3 v2.3.6: Download

Samsung I8552 Galaxy Win Duos Repair Firmwares:
I8552XXAMD8 / OXEAMD1 Russia v4.1.2: Download
I8552XXAMDB / OXEAMD1 Russia v4.1.2: Download
I8552XXANF1 / OLBANF1 v4.1.2: Download

Samsung I8552B Galaxy Win Duos Repair Firmwares:
I8552BDCUANF1 / THWANE1 v4.1.2: Download

Samsung I9000 Galaxy S Repair Firmwares:
I9000BOJW6 / DTMJW3 v2.3.6: Download
I9000JPJF4 / OJPJF3 Arabic v2.2: Download

Samsung I9000B Galaxy S Repair Firmwares:
I9000BVJJG9 ZVVJG6 v2.2: Download

Samsung I9000M Galaxy S Repair Firmwares:
I9000MUGKG3 / BMCKG3 Bell Canada v2.3.3: Download

Samsung I9001 Galaxy S Plus Repair Firmwares:
I9001JPKG1 / OJPKG1 Arabic v2.3.3: Download
I9001XXKQM / DBTKQ2 v2.3.6: Download

Samsung I9003 Galaxy SL Repair Firmwares:
I9003BHKP8 / XEGKP6 v2.3.6: Download
I9003DDLF2 / ODDLF2 India v2.3.6: Download
I9003JPKD1 / OJPKC2 Arabic v2.2.1: Download

Samsung I9060C Galaxy Grand Neo Repair Firmwares:
I9060CUBU0AOG1 / UUB0AOG1 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung I9060 Galaxy Grand Neo Repair Firmwares:
I9060DDUANJ1 / DDUANJ1 India v4.2.2: Download
I9060XXUAML9 / OXAAML9 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung I9060i Galaxy Grand Neo Plus Repair Firmwares:
I9060IXXU0ANL5 / OJV0ANL4 Arabic v4.4.4: Download
I9060IXXU0AOA8 / OXE0AOA4 Russia 4.4.4: Download
I9060IXXU0AOI2 / OXE0AOJ1 Russia v4.4.4: Download

Samsung I9060M Galaxy Grand Neo Repair Firmwares:
I9060MUBU0ANL2 / UUB0ANL2 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung I9070 Galaxy S Advance Repair Firmwares:
I9070XXLD1 / SERLD1 Russia v2.3.6: Download

Samsung I9070P Galaxy S Advance Repair Firmwares:
I9070PXXLPE / DBTLPE v4.1.2: Download

Samsung I9082 Galaxy Grand Duos Repair Firmwares:
I9082XXAMAB / OXEAMA5 Russia v4.1.2: Download
I9082XXUBMF2 / OXABMF2 v4.2.2: Download
I9082XXUBNA4 / OXEBNA2 Russia v4.2.2: Download

Samsung I9082L Galaxy Grand Duos Repair Firmwares:
I9082LUBUBMK2 / UUBBMK2 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2 Repair Firmwares:
I9100JPLPC / OJPLP9 Arabic v4.0.3: Download
I9100XWLSD / VD2LSC v4.1.2: Download

Samsung I9100G Galaxy S II Repair Firmwares:
I9100GJPKH8 / OJPKG7 Arabic v2.3.4: Download
I9100GXXKL5 / DBTKL2 v2.3.6: Download

Samsung I9100P Galaxy S2 Repair Firmwares:
I9100PXXLQ8_ATLLP8_v4.0.4: Download

Samsung I9103 Galaxy R Repair Firmwares:
I9103XWKG7 / OXEKG5 v2.3.4: Download
I9103XWKJ4 / DBTKJ1 v2.3.5: Download

Samsung I9105 Galaxy S2 Plus Repair Firmwares:
I9105XXUBMH4 / OXEBMH3 Russia v4.2.2: Download

Samsung I9105P Galaxy S2 Plus Repair Firmwares:
I9105PXXUBNG1 / OXABNG1 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung I9152 Galaxy Mega 5.8 Repair Firmwares:
I9152XWUANA6 / OLBANA3 v4.2.2: Download
I9152XXUAMEF / OXEAMEC Russia v4.2.2: Download

Samsung I9152P Galaxy Mega 5.8 Duos Repair Firmwares:
I9152PZCUANG4 / CHNANG4 China v4.3: Download

Samsung I9190 Galaxy S4 Mini Repair Firmwares:
I9190XXUAMF5 / OXEAMF3 Russia v4.2.2: Download
I9190XXUCOC1 / QERCOD1 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung I9192 Galaxy S4 Mini Duos Repair Firmwares:
I9192XXUAMF7 / OXEAMF3 Russia v4.2.2: Download
I9192XXUCOA2 / QXECOA1 Russia v4.4.2: Download

Samsung I9195 Galaxy S4 Mini LTE Repair Firmwares:
I9195XXUBMJ7 / OXABMJ7 v4.2.2: Download
I9195XXUCNH5 / OJVCNH1 Arabic v4.4.2: Download
I9195XXUCNJ6 / YERCNJ3 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung I9195I Galaxy S4 Mini Plus Repair Firmwares:
I9195IXXU1AOE1 / DBT1AOE1 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung I9200 Galaxy Mega 6.3 Repair Firmwares:
I9200XXUCML1 / SERCML3 Russia v4.2.2: Download
I9200XXUDNK1 / SERDNK1 Russia v4.4.2: Download

Samsung I9205 Galaxy Mega 6.3 LTE Repair Firmwares:
I9205XXUAMF6 / VFGAMF3 v4.2.2: Download
I9205XXUDOA1 / DBTDOB1 Germany v4.4.2: Download

Samsung I9210 Galaxy S2 LTE Repair Firmwares:
I9210XXLC2 / OXXLC1 v2.3.6: Download

Samsung I9295 Galaxy S4 Active Repair Firmwares:
I9295XXUAMF7 / OLBAMG2 v4.2.2: Download
I9295XXUDOB4 / OXEDOB1 Russia v5.0.1: Download

Samsung I9300 Galaxy S3 Repair Firmwares:
I9300XXUGMK6 / OXAGMK6 v4.3: Download
I9300XXUGMK6 / OLBGML1 v4.3: Download

Samsung I9300I Galaxy S3 Neo Repair Firmwares:
I9300IXWUANG2 / OXEANH1 v4.3: Download
I9300IXXUAND1 / OJVAND1 Arabic v4.3: Download
I9300IXXUBOB1 / OXEBOB1 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung I9301i Galaxy S3 Neo Plus Repair Firmwares:
I9301IXXUANE1 / OXXANE1 v4.4.2: Download
I9301IXXUANF5 / OJVUANF1 Arabic v4.4.2: Download

Samsung I9305 Galaxy S3 LTE Repair Firmwares:
I9305XXUEMKC / MOBEMK1 v4.3: Download
I9305XXUFNL1 / DBTFNL1 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung I9500 Galaxy S4 Repair Firmwares:
I9500XXUHOA7 / SERHOA7 v5.0.1: Download
I9500XXUHOK5 / SERHOK1 v5.0.1: Download
I9500ZCUHND1 / CHNHND1 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung I9502 Galaxy S4 DUOS Repair Firmwares:
I9502ZNUHNE4 / CHUHNE4 v4.4.2: Download
I9502ZNUIOA2 / CHUIOA2 v5.0.1: Download

Samsung I9505 Galaxy S4 LTE Repair Firmwares:
I9505VJUGNE2 / ZTOGNE3 Brazil v4.4.2: Download
I9505XXUHOA7 / OXAHOA7 v5.0.1: Download
I9505XXUHOH2 / OLBHOH1 v5.0.1: Download
I9505XXUHOJ2 / OXAHOJ2 v5.0.1: Download

Samsung I9505G Galaxy S4 Google Play Repair Firmwares:
I9505GUEUBMFP / XARBMFP v4.3: Download

Samsung I9506 Galaxy S4 LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
I9506XXUAMHE / VFGAMH4 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung I9515 Galaxy S4 VE Repair Firmwares:
I9515XXU1ANC1 / DBT1ANC1 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung J100F Galaxy J1 LTE Repair Firmwares:
J100FXXU0AOA7 / OJV0AOA7 v4.4.4 Arabic: Download

Samsung J100FN Galaxy J1 LTE Repair Firmwares:
J100FNXXU0AOB4 / OJV0AOB2 Arabic v4.4.4: Download
J100FNXXU0AOC1 / OXE0AOC1 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung J100G Galaxy J1 Repair Firmwares:
J100GDDU0AOC2 / ODD0AOC2 India v4.4.4: Download

Samsung J100H Galaxy J1 Duos Repair Firmwares:
J100HXXU0AOA3 / OJV0AOA2 Arabic v4.4.4: Download
J100HXXU0AOB4 / OXE0AOB4 v4.4.4: Download
J100HXXU0AOG4 / OXE0AOG4 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung J100ML Galaxy J1 Duos Repair Firmwares:
J100MLDXU0AOB3 / OLC0AOB5 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung J100Y Galaxy J1 Repair Firmwares:
J100YDXU0AOC1 / OPP0AOC1 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung J105H Galaxy J1 Mini Repair Firmwares:
J105HXWU0APB1 / OXE0APB1 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung J110F Galaxy J1 Ace Repair Firmwares:
J110FXXU0AOGE / OJV0AOGE Arabic v4.4.4: Download

Samsung J110H Galaxy J1 Ace Repair Firmwares:
J110HXXU0AOGA / ODD0AOG9 India v4.4.4: Download
J110HXXU0AOGA / OXE0AOGC v4.4.4: Download

Samsung J110M Galaxy J1 Ace Repair Firmwares:
J110MUBU0AOGC / UUB0AOGC v5.1.1: Download

Samsung J120F Galaxy J1 2016 Repair Firmwares:
J120FXXU1AOL2 / OXE1AOL3 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung J120H Galaxy J1 2016 Repair Firmwares:
J120HXXU0APA1 / OXE0APA2 Russia v5.1.1: Download
J120HXXU0APA9 / OLB0APA2 v5.1.1: Download
J120HXXU0APC5 / OJV0APC1 Arabic v5.1.1: Download

Samsung J200BT Galaxy J2 Repair Firmwares:
J200BTUBU1APA2 / ZTO1APA2 Brazil v5.1.1: Download

Samsung J200F Galaxy J2 Repair Firmwares:
J200FXXU1AOI6 / OJV1AOI6 Arabic v5.1.1: Download

Samsung J200G Galaxy J2 Repair Firmwares:
J200GDDU1AOI3 / ODD1AOI3 India v5.1.1: Download

Samsung J200GU Galaxy J2 Repair Firmwares:
J200GUDXU1AOJ1 / OLB1AOJ1 v5.1.1: Download
J200GUDXU1AOK1 / OLB1AOK1 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung J200H Galaxy J2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
J200HXXU0AOI6 / ODD0AOI2 India v5.1.1: Download
J200HXXU0AOK1 / OXE0AOJ2 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung J200M Galaxy J2 Repair Firmwares:
J200MUBU1AOI4 / ZTA1AOI4 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung J500F Galaxy J5 Repair Firmwares:
J500FXXU1AOFA / OJV1AOFC Arabic v5.1.1: Download

Samsung J500FN Galaxy J5 Repair Firmwares:
J500FNXXU1AOG1 / DBT1AOG3 Germany v5.1.1: Download

Samsung J500G Galaxy J5 Repair Firmwares:
J500GXXU1AOJ1 / OLB1AOJ1 v5.1.1 Southeast Asia: Download

Samsung J500H Galaxy J5 Repair Firmwares:
J500HXXU1AOG4 / OXE1AOG4 v5.1.1: Download
J500HXXU1AOI2 / OLB1AOI2 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung J500H/DS Galaxy J5 Repair Firmwares:
J500H_DS_XXU1AOFB / OXE1AOFB v5.1.1: Download

Samsung J700F Galaxy J7 Duos LTE Repair Firmwares:
J700FXXU1AOFJ / OJV1AOFJ Arabic 5.1.1: Download

Samsung J700H Galaxy J7 Duos Repair Firmwares:
J700HXXU1AOG3 / OXY1AOFG v5.1.1: Download

Samsung J700H/DS Galaxy J7 Repair Firmwares:
J700H_DS_XXU1AOGA / OXY1AOGA v5.1.1: Download

Samsung J700M Galaxy J7 Repair Firmwares:
J700MUBU1AOG1 / UUB1AOG1 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung J710F Galaxy J7 2016 Repair Firmwares:
J710FXXU1APCB / OXY1APCB v6.0.1: Download

Samsung L710 Galaxy S3 Sprint Repair Firmwares:
L710VPUCMK3 / SPRCMK3 v4.3: Download

Samsung M919 Galaxy S4 T-Mobile Repair Firmwares:
M919UVUFNB4 / TMBFNB4 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung M919N Galaxy S4 USA MetroPCS Repair Firmwares:
M919NUVUEMK5 / TMBEMK5 v4.3: Download

Samsung N5100 Galaxy Note 8.0 Repair Firmwares:
N5100XXBMD1 / OXABMC8 v4.1.2: Download
N5100XXDNL5 / OXADNL5 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung N7000 Galaxy Note Repair Firmwares:
N7000XXLSZ / OXELS7 v4.1.2: Download

Samsung N7000B Galaxy Note Repair Firmwares:
N7000BDCLSB / THLLSB Tahiland v4.1.2: Download

Samsung N7100 Galaxy Note 2 Repair Firmwares:
N7100XXUEMK9 / OXXEMK4 v4.3: Download
N7100XXUFND4 / OJVFND3 Arabic v4.4.2: Download
N7100XXUFNI4 / OLBFNI1 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung N7100T Galaxy Note 2 Repair Firmwares:
N7100TDOUFND1 / TNZFNE1 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung N7102 Galaxy Note 2 Duos Repair Firmwares:
N7102ZCDMH1 / CHNDMH1 China v4.1.2: Download

Samsung N7105 Galaxy Note 2 LTE Repair Firmwares:
N7105XXDMC3 / OJVDMA3 Arabic v4.1.2: Download
N7105XXUFNJ1 / OLBFNJ1 v4.4.2: Download
N7105ZHUEMK3 / ZZHEMK3 v4.3: Download

Samsung N7105T Galaxy Note 2 LTE Repair Firmwares:
N7105TDVUFNL1 / XSAFNL1 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung N750 Galaxy Note 3 Neo Repair Firmwares:
N750XXUANB3 / ODDANB1 India v4.3: Download
N750XXUCNH2 / OXECNH1 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung N7502 Galaxy Note 3 Neo DUOS Repair Firmwares:
N7502XXUANH2 / OLBANH1 v4.3: Download

Samsung N7505 Galaxy Note 3 Neo LTE Repair Firmwares:
N7505XXUANAD / DBTANA5 v4.3: Download
N7505XXUCNH1 / OXECNH1 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung N8000 Galaxy Note 10.1 Repair Firmwares:
N8000DXBLL3 / OLBBLL3 v4.1.1: Download
N8000XXUDNH2 / OJVDNH1 Arabic v4.4.2: Download

Samsung N8010 Galaxy Note 10.1 Repair Firmwares:
N8010XXUDNE4 / OXADNE4 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung N8013 Galaxy Note 10.1 Repair Firmwares:
N8013UEUCMI3 / XARCMI3 v4.1.2: Download

Samsung N8020 Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE Repair Firmwares:
N8020XXUDNI2 / VFGDNJ3 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung N900 Galaxy Note 3 Repair Firmwares:
N900XXUBMJ1 / SERBMI2 v4.3: Download
N900XXUCMK2 / OLBCMJ3 v4.3: Download
N900XXUDNA6 / SERDNA6 v4.4.2: Download
N900XXUGBNL8 / OXAEBNL8 v5.0: Download

Samsung N900A Galaxy Note 3 LTE AT&T Repair Firmwares:
N900AUCUDNL1 / ATTDNL1 ATT USA v4.4.4: Download
N900AUCUEOC1 / ATTEOC1 ATT USA v5.0: Download

Samsung N900P Galaxy Note 3 Sprint USA Repair Firmwares:
N900PVPUBMJ4 / SPTBMJ4 v4.3: Download

Samsung N900V Galaxy Note 3 USA Verizon Repair Firmwares:
N900VVRUEOF1 / VZWEOF1 VZW USA Verizon v5.0: Download

Samsung N9002 Galaxy Note 3 Duos Repair Firmwares:
N9002ZNUFNK1 / CHUFNK1 v4.4.2: Download
N9002ZNUGOE3 / CHUGOE3 v5.0: Download

Samsung N9005 Galaxy Note 3 LTE Repair Firmwares:
N9005XXUFNG2 / SERFNG2 v4.4.2: Download
N9005XXUGBNL8 / OXAGBNL8 v5.0 Lollipop: Download
N9005ZHUDMK1 / ZZHDMK1 v4.3: Download

Samsung N910A Galaxy Note 4 LTE-A AT&T Repair Firmwares:
N910AUCU1ANIE / ATT1ANIE v4.4.4: Download
N910AUCU1COC4 / ATT1COC4 v5.0.1: Download
N910AUCU2DOI2 / ATT2DOI2 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung N910C Galaxy Note 4 LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
N910CXXU1ANJ4 / OJV1ANIF Arabic v4.4.4: Download
N910CXXU1ANK5 / OLB1ANK5 v4.4.4: Download
N910CXXU1ANK5 / XXU1ANL2 v4.4.4: Download
N910CXXU1COH4 / OXA1COH4 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung N910F Galaxy Note 4 LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
N910FXXU1ANK4 / OXA1ANK4 v4.4.4: Download
N910FXXU1BOC3 / VFG1BOC2 v5.0.1: Downlaod

Samsung N910G Galaxy Note 4 Repair Firmwares:
N910GDTU1ANK3 / ODD1ANK3 India v4.4.4: Download
N910GDTU1BOE4 / ODD1BOE1 India v5.0.1: Download

Samsung N910H Galaxy Note 4 HSPA Repair Firmwares:
N910HXXU1ANIF / OXE1ANIF v4.4.4: Download

Samsung N910P Galaxy Note 4 Sprint USA Repair Firmwares:
N910PVPU4COG5 / SPT4COG5 Sprint USA v5.1.1: Download

Samsung N910V Galaxy Note 4 LTE-A Verizon USA Repair Firmwares:
N910VVRU2BOG5 / VZW2BOG5 Verizon USA v5.0.1: Download

Samsung N915F Galaxy Note Edge LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
N915FXXU1AOA4 / OLC1AOA2 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung N920C Galaxy Note 5 Repair Firmwares:
N920CXXU1AOH2 / OJV1AOH2 Arabic v5.1.1: Download
N920CXXU2AOJ5 / OJP2AOJ5 Arabic v5.1.1: Download
N920CXXU2AOK7 / OLB2AOK7 v5.1.1: Download
N920CXXU2BPB6 / OLB2BPB6 v6.0.1: Download
N920CXXU2BPB9 / OJV2BPB7 Arabic v6.0.1: Download

Samsung N920G Galaxy Note 5 LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
N920GUBU2AOJ4 / ZTO2AOJ2 Brazil v5.1.1: Download

Samsung N920I Galaxy Note 5 LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
N920IDVU2AOJD / OLC2AOJD v5.1.1: Download

Samsung N920P Galaxy Note 5 Sprint USA Repair Firmwares:
N920PVPU1AOGD / SPT1AOGD SPR Sprint USA v5.1.1: Download
N920PVPU2AOI6 / SPT2AOI6 SPR Sprint USA v5.1.1: Download

Samsung N920R4 Galaxy Note 5 U.S. Cellular USA Repair Firmwares:
N920R4TYU1AOGE / USC1AOGE USC U.S Cellular v5.1.1: Download

Samsung N920T Galaxy Note 5 T-Mobile USA Repair Firmwares:
N920TUVU2COJ5 / TMB2COJ5 TMB USA T-Mobile v5.1.1: Download

Samsung N920W8 Galaxy Note 5 Canada Repair Firmwares:
N920W8VLU1AOI1 / OYA1AOI1 XAC Canada v5.1.1: Download

Samsung N9200 Galaxy Note 5 Repair Firmwares:
N9200ZCU1AOH3 / CHC1AOH3 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung N9208 Galaxy Note 5 LTE Repair Firmwares:
N9208XXU2AOJ5 / OLB2AOJ3 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung P1000 Galaxy Tab Repair Firmwares:
P1000BOJJ2 / DTMJJ4 v2.2: Download
P1000JPJM5 / OJPJM6 Arabic v2.3.3: Download

Samsung P1010 Galaxt Tab WiFi Repair Firmwares:
P1010DXKG1 / OLBKG1 v2.2.1: Download

Samsung P3100 Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 Repair Firmwares:
P3100DDCNA3 / ODDCNB1 India v4.1.2: Download
P3100XWALD2 / OJVALD3 Arabic v4.0.3: Download

Samsung P5100 Galaxy Tab 2 ( 10.1 ) Repair Firmwares:
P5100XXALD6 / OXEALD5 Russia v4.0.3: Download

Samsung P5200 Galaxy Tab 3 Repair Firmwares:
P5200ZCUAMG3 / CHNAMG3 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung P600 Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi 2014 Edition Repair Firmwares:
P600XXUBMK1 / OJVBMK1 Arabic v4.3: Download
P600XXUCNH3 / DBTCNH1 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung P601 Galaxy Note 10.1 Wi-Fi + 3G 2014 Edition Repair Firmwares:
P601XXUAMJ3 / OXEAMI7 Russia v4.3: Download
P601XXUCNJ5 / OXECNJ3 Russia v4.4.2: Download

Samsung P605 Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE 2014 Edition Repair Firmwares:
P605XXUBMJ9 / SERBMJ3 Russia v4.3: Download
P605XXU1EOI5 / OXAEOI5 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung P605M Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE 2014 Edition Repair Firmwares:
P605MUBUBMJ5 / UUBBMJ5: Download

Samsung P605V Galaxy Note 10.1 LTE 2014 Edition Verizon Repair Firmwares:
P605VVRUANB1 / VZWANB1: Download

Samsung P6200 Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus Repair Firmwares:
P6200DXLPB / OLBLP8 v4.0.4: Download

Samsung P7100 Galaxy Tab 10.1v Repair Firmwares:
P7100BUKE2 v3.0.1: Download

Samsung P7320 Galaxt Tab 8.9 LTE Repair Firmwares:
P7320JPLI1 Arabic v4.0.4: Download

Samsung P7500 Galaxy Tab 10.1 Repair Firmwares:
P7500JPKG6 / OJPKG4 Arabic v3.1: Download

Samsung P7500D Galaxy Tab 10.1 Repair Firmwares:
P7500DTLLH1 TLSLH1 Canada Telus v4.0.4: Download

Samsung P7500M Galaxy Tab 10.1 Repair Firmwares:
P7500MUGLH4 / BMCLH4 Canada Bell v4.0.4: Download

Samsung P7500R Galaxy Tab 10.1 Repair Firmwares:
P7500RUXLH2 / RWCLH2 Canada Rogers v4.0.4: Download

Samsung P7501 Galaxy Tab 10.1 Repair Firmwares:
P7501XXLPC / DBTLPC v4.0.4: Download

Samsung P7510 Galaxy Tab 10.1 Repair Firmwares:
P7510JPKG5 / OJPKG4 Arabic v3.1: Download
P7510XXKFC / OXAKFC v3.1: Download

Samsung P7511 Galaxy Tab 10.1 Repair Firmwares:
P7511XXKJ8 / DBTKJ8 v3.2: Download

Samsung P900 Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 WiFi Repair Firmwares:
P900XXUANAE / OJVANA5 Arabic v4.4.2: Download

Samsung P901 Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 3G Repair Firmwares:
P901XXUANAG / OXEANAF Russia v4.4.2: Download

Samsung P905 Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 LTE Repair Firmwares:
P905XXUANH3 / DBTANI1: Download

Samsung R350 Gear Fit Smartwatch Repair Firmwares:
R350XXU0BNE5 / OXA0BND8: Download

Samsung R380 Gear 2 Smartwatch Repair Firmwares:
R380XXU0BNL2 / OXA0BNL2: Download

Samsung R381 Gear 2 Neo Smartwatch Repair Firmwares:
R381XXU0BNL2 / OXA0BNL2: Download

Samsung R750 Gear S 3G Smartwatch Repair Firmwares:
R750XXU1BOA7 / OXE1BOA7: Download

Samsung S5282 Galaxy Star Duos Repair Firmwares:
S5282XXAMI5 / OXEAMI1 Russia v4.1.2: Download

Samsung S5300 Galaxy Pocket Repair Firmwares:
S5300XXLJ4 / OXELD3 Russia v2.3.6: Download

Samsung S5301 Galaxy Pocket Plus Repair Firmwares:
S5301XXAMC1 / DBTAMB1 v4.0.4: Download

Samsung S5301L Galaxy Pocket Plus Repair Firmwares:
S5301LUBALL5 / UUBALL2 v4.0.4: Download

Samsung S5302 Galaxy Pocket Duos Repair Firmwares:
S5302XXLH1 / OXELG1 Russia 2.3.6: Download

Samsung S5303 Galaxy Y Plus Repair Firmwares:
S5303XXAMC3 / OXEAMC2 Russia v4.0.4: Download

Samsung S5310 Galaxy Pocket Neo Repair Firmwares:
S5310XXAME2 / OXXAME1 v4.1.2: Download

Samsung S5312 Galaxy Pocket Neo Duos Repair Firmwares:
S5312XXAMD7 / OJVAMD4 Arabic v4.1.2: Download

Samsung S5360 Galaxy Y Repair Firmwares:
S5360XXMK1 / DBTML1 v2.3.6: Download

Samsung S5363 Galaxy Y Repair Firmwares:
S5363XXLL1 / OXEKK1 Russia v2.3.6: Download

Samsung S5367 Galaxy Y TV Repair Firmwares:
S5367VJLG1 / ZTOLG1 Brazil v2.3.6: Download

Samsung S5369 Galaxy Y Repair Firmwares:
S5369BULH1 / VDRLI1 v2.3.6: Download

Samsung S5570 Galaxy Mini Repair Firmwares:
S5570JPKQ8 / OJPKQ7 Arabic v2.3.4: Download
S5570XXKPI / SERKPI Russia v2.3.4: Download

Samsung S5570i Galaxy Pop Plus Repair Firmwares:
S5570IXXLF3 / OXELB1 v2.3.6: Download

Samsung S5660 Galaxy Gio Repair Firmwares:
S5660DXKP6 v2.3.4: Download
S5660JPKE1 Arabic v2.2.1: Download

Samsung S5670 Galaxy Fit Repair Firmwares:
S5670DDKB1 / ODDKA3 India v2.2.1: Download
S5670JPKC1 / OJPKC1 Arabic v2.2.1: Download

Samsung S5690 Galaxy Xcover Extreme Repair Firmwares:
S5690XXNA1 / OXENB1 Russia v2.3.6: Download

Samsung S5830 Galaxy Ace Repair Firmwares:
S5830DXKPB / OLBKPB v2.3.4: Download
S5830JPKA7 Arabic v2.2.1: Download
S5830JPKP9 / OJPKP3 Arabic v2.3.3: Download

Samsung S5830G Galaxy Ace Repair Firmwares:
S5830GXXLG2 / SERLC1 Russia v2.3.6: Download

Samsung S5830i Galaxy Ace Repair Firmwares:
S5830IDXMB1 / OLBLD1 v2.3.6: Download
S5830iXXXLB2 / DBTLA1 v2.3.6: Download

Samsung S5839i Galaxy Ace Repair Firmwares:
S5839IBULL1 / VD2LH1 v2.3.6: Download

Samsung S6012 Galaxy Music DUOS Repair Firmwares:
S6012XXALL1 / OXEALL1 Russia v4.0.4: Download

Samsung S6102 / S6102Z Galaxy Y Duos Repair Firmwares:
S6102DXMA1 / QLBMA2 v2.3.6: Download
S6102XXMA3 / DBTMA1 v2.3.6: Download
S6102ZXXMA2 / OXELL1 Russia v2.3.6: Download

Samsung S6312 Galaxy Young DUOS Repair Firmwares:
S6312DDAMB7 / ODDAMC1 India v4.1.2: Download

Samsung S6313T Galaxy Young Duos TV Repair Firmwares:
S6313TVJANB1 / ZTRANB1 v4.1.2: Download

Samsung S6500 Galaxy Mini 2 Repair Firmwares:
S6500XXLD2 / DBTLD2 v2.3.6: Download

Samsung S6500D Galaxy Mini 2 Repair Firmwares:
S6500DXXMD1 / SERMD1 Russia v2.3.6: Download

Samsung S6500L Galaxy Mini 2 Repair Firmwares:
S6500LWHLF1 / UWMLF1 v2.3.6: Download

Samsung S6790 Galaxy Fame Lite Repair Firmwares:
S6790XXAMI1 / OXEAMI1 Russia v4.1.2: Download

Samsung S6800 Galaxy Ace Advance Repair Firmwares:
S6800XXMI1 / OXAMI2 v2.3.6: Download

Samsung S6802 Galaxy Ace DUOS Repair Firmwares:
S6802DXMA1 / OLBLF3 v2.3.6: Download
S6802XXNI1 / QXENG2 v2.3.6: Download

Samsung S6810 Galaxy Fame Repair Firmwares:
S6810XXAMG1 / OJVAMF2 Arabic v4.1.2: Download

Samsung S6810P Galaxy Fame Repair Firmwares:
S6810PXXAMJ1 / OXXAMK1 4.1.2: Download

Samsung S6812 Galaxy Fame Duos Repair Firmwares:
S6812DDAMD1 / OJVAMG1 Arabic v4.1.2: Download

Samsung S7262 Galaxy Star Pro Duos Repair Firmwares:
S7262DXUAND4 / OLBANA1 v4.1.2: Download
S7262XEUAOC1 / OXEAOB1 v4.1.2: Download

Samsung S7270 Galaxy Ace 3 Repair Firmwares:
S7270XXUANK1 / OXEANK1 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung S7272 Galaxy Ace 3 Duos Repair Firmwares:
S7272XXUAMF8 / OJVAMJ2 Arabic v4.2.2: Download
S7272XXUANA1 / OXEANA2 Russia v4.2.2: Download

Samsung S7273T Galaxy S2 Duos TV Repair Firmwares:
S7273TUBUANG1 / UUBANG1 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung S7275R Galaxy Ace 3 LTE Repair Firmwares:
S7275RXXUAMHH / OXXAMHC v4.2.2: Download

Samsung S7390 Galaxy Trend Lite Repair Firmwares:
S7390XXUAMI2 / OXXAMI2 v4.1.2: Download

Samsung S7392 Galaxy Trend Duos Repair Firmwares:
S7392XWUAMK5 / OXEAMK3 Russia v4.1.2: Download

Samsung S7392L Galaxy Trend Duos Repair Firmwares:
S7392LUBUAMI1 / UUBAMI1 v4.1.2: Download

Samsung S7500 Galaxy Ace Plus Repair Firmwares:
S7500DXMG3 / OLBMG2 v2.3.6: Download
S7500XXLF1 / ITVLG2 Italy v2.3.6: Download
S7500XXMC2 / DBTMC1 v2.3.6: Download

Samsung S7500W Galaxy Ace Plus Repair Firmwares:
S7500WXXLD5 / O2ULD5 v2.3.6: Download

Samsung S7560 Galaxy Trend Repair Firmwares:
S7560XXAME9 / OXXAME9 v4.0.4: Download
S7560XXAMGG / OXEAMG1 v4.0.4: Download

Samsung S7562 Galaxy S Duos Repair Firmwares:
S7562XXALHB / DBTALH3 Android v4.0.4: Download
S7562XXALHC / OJVALH3 Arabic v4.0.4: Download
S7562XXBMD6 / OXEBMC1 v4.0.4: Download

Samsung S7562C Galaxy Trend Duos Repair Firmwares:
S7562CZNUAMI1 / CHUAMI1 China v4.1.2: Download

Samsung S7562i Galaxy Trend Duos Repair Firmwares:
S7562iZCAMB1 / QHNAMB1 China v4.0.4: Download
S7562iZNALJ3 / CHUALJ3 China v4.0.4: Download

Samsung S7562L Galaxy S Duos Repair Firmwares:
S7562LVJALH9 / ZTOALH9 Brazil v4.0.4: Download

Samsung S7580 Galaxy Trend Plus Repair Firmwares:
S7580XXUAMK6 / PANAMK1 v4.2.2: Download
S7580XXUBOA1 / OXXBOA1 4.2.2: Download

Samsung S7582 Galaxy S Duos 2 Repair Firmwares:
S7582XXUAMK3 / OJVAMJ2 Arabic v4.2.2: Download
S7582XXUANA3 / OLBANA1 v4.2.2: Download
S7582XXUANG1 / OJVANI1 Arabic v4.2.2: Download
S7582XXUANL3 / OXEAOA1 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung S7582L Galaxy S Duos 2 Repair Firmwares:
S7582LUBUAOA1 / UUBAOA1 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung S7710 Galaxy Xcover 2 Repair Firmwares:
S7710XXAND2 / VD2ANC1 v4.1.2: Download

Samsung T110 Galaxy Tab 3 Lite Repair Firmwares:
T110XXUANI7 / DBTANI1 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung T111 Galaxy Tab 3 Lite 3G Repair Firmwares:
T111XXUANAB / OJVANA6 Arabic v4.2.2: Download
T111XXUANH1 / DBTANH1 v4.2.2: Download
T111XXUAOC2 / DBTANH1 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung T113 Galaxy Tab3 Lite WiFi Repair Firmwares:
T113XXU0AOB5 / OXE0AOB4 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung T116 Galaxy Tab3 Lite VE Repair Firmwares:
T116XXU0AOA3 / OXA0AOA3 v4.4.4: Download

Samsung T116NY Galaxy Tab3 Lite VE Repair Firmwares:
T116NYXXU0AOB2 / ODD0AOB2: Download

Samsung T210 Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Repair Firmwares:
T210XXANC2 / OXEANC1 v4.1.2: Download
T210XXBNH4 / OLBBNH1 v4.4.2: Download
T210XXBOB1 / OXEBOB1 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung T210R Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 Repair Firmwares:
T210RUEAMK1 / XARAMK1 v4.1.2: Download

Samsung T211 Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 3G Repair Firmwares:
T211XXANC1 / OLBANC1 v4.1.2: Download
T211XXBNH1 / OLBBNH1 v4.4.2: Download
T211XXBOA3 / DBTBOB1 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung T217T Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 T-Mobile Repair Firmwares:
T217TUVUAML1 / TMBAML1: Download

Samsung T230 Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 WiFi Repair Firmwares:
T230XXU0ANJ4 / DBT0ANJ3 Germany v4.4.2: Download

Samsung T231 Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 3G Repair Firmwares:
T231XXU0ANE2 / OJV0ANE2 Arabic v4.4.2: Download
T231XXU0ANJ4 / OXE0ANJ2 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung T235 Galaxy Tab 4 7.0 LTE Repair Firmwares:
T235XXU1ANJ6 / SER1ANJ3: Download

Samsung T2105 Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Repair Firmwares:
T2105XWAML4 / OLBAML3 v4.1.2: Download

Samsung T310 Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 WiFi Repair Firmwares:
T310XWUAMG3 / DBTAMG1 v4.2.2: Download
T310XXUBNH3 / DBTBNJ1 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung T311 Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 3G Repair Firmwares:
T311XWUANC1 / OLBANC1: Download
T311XXUAMG1 / DBTAMG1: Download
T311XXUBNHA / OLBBNH2 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung T315 Galaxy Tab 3 8.0 LTE Repair Firmwares:
T315XXUAMG3 / DBTAMG2: Download
T315XXUBNH3 / DBTBNI1: Download

Samsung T320 Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Wi-Fi Repair Firmwares:
T320XU1ANB2 / OXE1ANB1: Download
T320XXU1BNI2 / OLB1BNI1: Download

Samsung T321 Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 3G Repair Firmwares:
T321XXU1BNG2 / OXE1BNG2: Download

Samsung T325 Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 LTE Repair Firmwares:
T325XXU1BOC1 / OXA1BOC1: Download

Samsung T330 Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 WiFi Repair Firmwares:
T330XXU1ANF2 / DBT1ANF1: Download

Samsung T331 Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 3G Repair Firmwares:
T331XXU1ANDA / OJV1AND2 Arabic v4.4.2: Download

Samsung T335 Galaxy Tab 4 8.0 LTE Repair Firmwares:
T335XXU1ANH2 / SKZ1ANH1: Download

Samsung T365 Galaxy Tab Active LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
T365XXU1AOA3 / OXX1AOB1: Download

Samsung T365Y Galaxy Tab Active LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
T365YDOU1ANL5 / XSA1ANL6: Download

Samsung T399 Galaxy Light T-Mobile Repair Firmwares:
T399UVUAMJ4 / TMBAMJ4 v4.2.2: Download

Samsung T399N Galaxy Light MetroPCS Repair Firmwares:
T399NUVUANK3 / TMBANK3 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung T520 Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 WiFi Repair Firmwares:
T520ZCUANB4 / CHNANB4 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung T525 Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
T525XXUAOB1 / OXEAOB1: Download

Samsung T530 Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 WiFi Repair Firmwares:
T530XXU1AOA1 / DBT1AOA1 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung T531 Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 3G Repair Firmwares:
T531XXU1AND9 / OJV1AND3 Arabic v4.4.2: Download

Samsung T533 Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 VE Repair Firmwares:
T533XXU1AOB3 / DBT1AOC1: Download

Samsung T535 Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
T535XXU1ANK1 / DBT1ANK2: Download

Samsung T537A Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 LTE-A AT&T Repair Firmwares:
T537AUCU1ANE1 / ATT1NE1: Download

Samsung T537R4 Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 LTE-A U.S. Cellular Repair Firmwares:
T537R4TYU1ANK2 / USC1ANK2: Download

Samsung T537V Galaxy Tab 4 10.1 LTE-A Verizon Repair Firmwares:
T537VVRU2ANK1 / VZW2ANK1: Download

Samsung T550 Galaxy Tab A 9.7 WiFi Repair Firmwares:
T550XXU1AOD3 / DBT0AOD2: Download

Samsung T560 Galaxy Tab E 9.6 Repair Firmwares:
T560XXU0AOE8 / OJVAOE5 Arabic v4.4.4: Download

Samsung T562 Galaxy Tab E 9.6 Repair Firmwares:
T562XXU0AOF1 / OJV0AOF1 Arabic v4.4.4: Download

Samsung T700 Galaxy Tab S 8.4 WiFi Repair Firmwares:
T700XXU1ANF7 / OJV1ANF2 Arabic v4.4.2: Download

Samsung T705 Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE Repair Firmwares:
T705XXU1ANL3 / OXE1AOA1: Download

Samsung T707A Galaxy Tab S 8.4 LTE-A AT&T Repair Firmwares:
T707AUCU1ANH9 / ATT1ANH9: Download

Samsung T715 Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 Repair Firmwares:
T715XXU1AOG5 / OJP1AOG4 Arabic v5.0.2: Download

Samsung T800 Galaxy Tab S 10.5 WiFi Repair Firmwares:
T800XXU1ANFB / DBT1ANF3: Download

Samsung T805 Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LTE Repair Firmwares:
T805XXU1ANFB / OJV1ANG1 Arabic v4.4.2: Download
T805XXU1ANFB / OLB1ANG1 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung T807T Galaxy Tab S 10.5 LTE-A T-Mobile Repair Firmwares:
T807TUVU1ANK1 / TMB1ANK1: Download

Samsung T815 Galaxy Tab S 2 9.7 LTE-A Repair Firmwares:
T815XXU1AOG9 / BTU1AOG3 UK v5.0.2: Download

Samsung T817V Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 Verizon USA Repair Firmwares:
T817VVRU1AOG9 / VZW1AOG9 Verizon USA v5.1.1: Download

Samsung T849 Galaxy Tab 7.0 T-Mobile Repair Firmwares:
T849UVJJB / TMBJJB v2.2: Download

Samsung T889v Galaxy Note II Repair Firmwares:
T889VVLALJ4 / YVLALJ4 v4.1.1: Download

Samsung T900 Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 WiFi Repair Firmwares:
T900XXUBOH4 / DBTBOI1 v5.1.1: Download

Samsung T905 Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 Repair Firmwares:
T905XXUANB6 / BTUANB4 v4.4.2: Download

Samsung T959 Galaxy S Vibrant T-Mobile Repair Firmwares:
T959UVKB5 v2.2: Download

Samsung T959V Galaxy S 4G Repair Firmwares:
T959VUVKJ6 v2.3.6: Download

Samsung T989 Galaxy S II Plus T-Mobile Repair Firmwares:
T989UVLE1 / TMBLE1 v4.0.4: Download

Samsung T989D Galaxy S2 X Canada Repair Firmwares:
T989DTLLG2 / KDOLG2 v4.0.4: Download

Samsung T999 Galaxy S3 T-Mobile Repair Firmwares:
T999UVDLJA / TMBDLJA v4.1.1: Download
T999UVUEMJC / TMBEMJC v4.3: Download

Samsung T999L Galaxy S III LTE Repair Firmwares:
T999LUVUBMK4 / TMBBMK4 v4.3: Download

Samsung T999V Galaxy S III Repair Firmwares:
T999VVLDLL1 / YVLDLL1 v4.1.1: Download

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