Root / Jailbreak Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 having 2.3.5 Android Inside

Written By Raja Unlock on Selasa, 06 Maret 2012 | 23.09

Guys i having Hands on Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 and will be going to Jailbreak / Root it to take access of Super User circle. Well all the time i have been busy in making you guys Unlocking iPhone and Jailbreak iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch but this time i will make Android phone to Root and Jailbreak. It is a kind off jailbreak on Android, which will enable you to get any other Android Rom on your device, right now i am having hands on Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360 to root / jailbreak.
There are few limitations before going into the process of Galaxy Y GT-S5360 Root / Unlock.
  1. First you have to Unzip Utility App so that during Recovery Mode, file would be easily accessible.
  2. For this purpose download ES File Exchanger from Android Market and install it.
  3. Now download from HERE on PC.
  4. Pick your Galaxy Y to connect it via USB cable and place this file anywhere in your SD Card.
  5. Remove Phone from PC and Shutdown your Galaxy Y now.
  6. Now put your Galaxy Y in recovery mode. (while holding Home Button, Volume Up button and Power Button for 20 Seconds, this will put your device in Recovery Mode.
  7. In Recovery Mode Select the Second option, Update from SD Card.
  8. Now find the file and press home button to execute it. Now process will be initiated and your Mobile will be Rooted.
  9. And after the process of Root, select the reboot option to reboot your device. You done.
  10. After this just download BusyBox and Install it to get access of BusyBox
Here is the Video of the Galaxy Y which i Rooted via using Recovery Mode. BLOG FLASHER-CENTER.COM Updated at: 23.09

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