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Popup Viewer For BBM 4.3

Posted: 18 Dec 2012 06:54 PM PST

An application for all the BBM lovers.  This is a very useful and handy tool for those who always using BBM.

BBM Popup is a nice little add-on that enhances your BlackBerry Messenger! It allows you to preview incoming BBM message on your BlackBerry and Reply them quickly in single click without switching away from what you are doing!

So if you wish to do some work along with some important chat, this can be a handy feature.

No need to quit the application or games when you receive a BBM message. With Popup for BBM, you can easily read the messages while working.

Popup for BBM allows you to read your BBM message on the first hand no matter where you are.

Read BBM™ message secretly via a screen popup or popup history without changing the Delivered status to Read. The popup will appear even when you are actively using another application on phone. No more hassle to open BBM™ just to check the latest messages! No more worries that people will notice that you have read their messages!
With the new feature of Exclude application, you can easily select the application where you do not wish the popup to appear. Also with the Enable/Disable menu item, you can easily enable/disable the popup without entering into application. Hence you can disable the popup if you are doing something more important.

Whenever a popup appears, you have the option to Go to the BBM™ application and reply. Click on the Escape button to close the popup. Or the popup will disappear in some time automatically.

Unlike all the other vendors, we allows you to completely customize the popup and the text that appears on it.


*Please link your BBM contacts to your phone contacts or add the PIN into the phone contacts to ensure it display the sender name.
*To configure the BBM Popup, save the messages to device memory.


• Popup on BBM messages
• Exclude application list
• Configure the popup accordingly
• Popup color can be configured in the latest version
* Enable Disable global menu item
* Option to set popup transparency level
* Option to set display timeout duration
* Click an icon that takes you to BBM™ application directly to reply
* Option to completely customize the BBM POPup Text and font
* Option to customize BBM Popup color
* Option to customize Popup Time out

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CaptureIt 1.4

Posted: 18 Dec 2012 11:35 PM PST

CaptureIt adalah aplikasi blackberry yang berfungsi untuk mengambil dan menyimpan gambar layar dari blackberry anda (capture). Menurut saya aplikasi ini cukup bagus karena selain gratis aplikasi ini cukup ringan dan pastinya bebas banner iklan ataupun watermark.

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Cara instal aplikasi offline bisa di lihat disini : Cara instal aplikasi blackberry secara offline

Wallpaper Shuffler and Screensavers Pro 1.4

Posted: 18 Dec 2012 06:51 PM PST

Don't get bored with the same background ever again. There's a picture for every moment with Wallpaper Shuffler and Screensavers. This app provides a convenient way to automatically change wallpapers of your choice at a specified interval. Personalize your device with images of friends, family members, special memories, customized notes—anything you choose! Download your favorite photos, HD wallpapers, backgrounds onto your phone, start the app and enjoy :)
With the Text images feature, create custom colored images with notes or reminders and set them as your wallpaper. Moreover, you can create multiple notes and schedule them to shuffle along with the wallpapers.
Also, set your favorite images as screensavers while your phone is charging or idle.
•    Schedule the wallpapers to change automatically.
•    Shuffles your wallpaper using images on your SD Card.
•    Many intervals to choose from (10 seconds to 2 hours).
•    Create colored images with your favorite text and set them as your wallpaper.
•    Set different images as screensavers when your phone is charging or idle.
•    Create notes and reminders and schedule them to shuffle on your device's home screen.

TRY OUR OTHER COOL APPS: Unit Converter for BlackBerry, Photo Distortions, First aid, Change It, Doodle Paint Shop, Data Traffic Counter and more! Search for "Inmax" in BlackBerry® App World to find these useful apps.

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StormSlider Paid Edition 5.5.1

Posted: 18 Dec 2012 06:12 AM PST

--- Note ---
After install please make sure you set your permissions to ALLOW. If you do not set your permissions the app may not respond and lock up. To set your permissions do the following
Main Menu - Options - Applications - Tap on StormSlider and click Edit Permissions - Set all 3 of them to allow and save.

As you probably know our default lock is rather boring. That s where StormSlider comes into play.

---Some of the Features---
- Custom Backgrounds
- Custom Slider Text
- More Secure
- Signal & Battery Meter
- Faster / Smoother animations
- Email and SMS Notifications
- Start app on phone startup  optional
- Start app using default lock button  optional
- Start app from the bb menu  optional
- Start app while on the phone to prevent pressing keys with your cheek  optional
- Close app when holstered  optional
- Start app when removed from holster  optional
- Over 20 options to choose from
- 12 / 24 hour clock
- Ability to disable SS from launching while pandora / slacker is playing.
- Choose font colors

You have the option to enter a 4 digit password on the app. When you slide to unlock, you will be presented with a keypad. You will need to enter the 4 digit code to unlock the app. If the code is entered incorrectly the keypad will close and the lock will not close. While developing this application I locked myself out of my phone 3 times on accident.

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Download ota

Download offline (mediafire)

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